Work In Progresso!

I was asked by my housemate who studies documentary photography if I could make him a design for a backdrop, in which a subject/model would be photographed in front of. The idea is to have the backdrop represent that person in one way or another. I was required to make a design based on advertising and media, as the subject whom he’s photographing wants to work in the advertising industry. The text is in Russian, I forget what it says, but i’ll be sure to find out and post it when the final piece is done.

I quite like this sketch, pretty abstract and crazy, I’m going through a phase of drawing very simple kid-like illustrations. I enjoy them because of their simplicity and innocence. Things are always better when they’re simple :D


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2 Responses to Work In Progresso!

  1. roberta. says:

    amei demais! que esta sua fase dure por muito tempo!

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