Animator in Residence Clip

Uni has finished now, but we have what is called ‘The Animator in Residence’. Basically an animator will come and reside in the university and get students involved in making a film with him. In the past the scheme has been successful with its films and won awards at festivals. This year, we have the wonderful Ian Gouldstone, BAFTA winning director of ‘Guy101’. He came to us with his idea known as ‘layer tennis’. It’s basically an experiment where he creates a five second animated clip with a message, and it’s our job to create one back with a response within twenty four hours. We then have a screening the following day in which we vote for which clip is the best. at the end of the project we should end up with a short film with some kind of narrative. It’s really quite exciting seeing what everyone produces and I also really like the spontaneity of the whole project. aesthetics don’t matter so much in this project, but rather the message is what is important. we are now on clip three in which i have just a few hours to create a response to.

This is my first response to his first clip I did for the Animator in Residence Project

also, check out Ian’s website –

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