Vovô screened in London….Again

Vovô has been selected as part of a music/art/film event titled _DRIFT. The good people at Brain Wash contacted me with regards to playing it – It’ll be happening at Kevin Spacey’s new venue The Old Vic Tunnels, it’s also where Banksy premiered his film. it’s a three day event, each day focusing on a different topic – LOVE/THE LITTLE THINGS IN BETWEEN/DEATH. I’m not sure which one Vovô will come under…..I’m guessing more than likely death. It’s all quite exciting. Think I’m gonna make the trip down this time, it’s probably the only chance I’ll get to see it played there…

Here’s a link to the event


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4 Responses to Vovô screened in London….Again

  1. Alex Gallop says:

    Hi Luiz,

    That’s great news! We’ll promote it in the next ebulletin and on our shiney new website when it’s launched in September. Keep me posted of any other exciting bits and pieces.

    Best wishes,


  2. Pedro, the cousin says:

    Hey dude.
    Congratulations on the graduation!
    Just found out about this webpage by chance.
    What is “Vovô”? Is it named after THE MAN? Is it somehow inspired on him?
    Aside from the legal work, I am currently playing guitar on an album. Will send you a copy when it is done. Fame and fortune, here I come!
    E-mail me!
    Cheers and beijo na Bela.
    Pedro Augusto

  3. e ai pedro!! faz tempo! saudades ai, espero q tudo estaje bem ai contigo e a esposa….tocando num CD hein?! maneiro…quero escutar,familia vai ter uma super estrela agore né!
    o filme é sobre o vovô, estou entrando ele em varios festivais, vai passar na romenia em outubro, vou la pra bucharest com filme,estou tentando conseguir entrada pro sundance nos EUA, vamos ver, se deus quiser da sorte!
    me da teu email denovo pq nao tou achando aqui.te mando o link pro meu filme com a senha pra tu poder ver (tive q por senha pq varios festivais nao aceitam filmes q ja passaram na internet)
    beijos ai pra todos!!!

  4. Pedro, the cousin says:

    Boa! Não sei se você sabe, mas ontem fez 5 anos que ele morreu. Pode mandar para pd-nunes@uol.com.br
    O disco não é meu. Estou só participando como guitarrista em algumas músicas, mas está ficando legal.
    Quem sabe no futuro não faço a trilha sonora de um animation movie inglês…

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