Beta Print of ‘Vovô’ Arrives…

I should get more of these done, but I haven’t needed to so far….this print arrived today and was soon sent off to France, where it will be screened at Brest International Short Film Festival, in the Animation Panorama programme alongside some great films – Old Fangs, Jean François, Benigni and Sinna Mann (Angry Man) as well as some others….I feel quite honoured to be screened alongside some of my favourite films of the past year. The festival will commence on the 8th and end on the 14th, so if you’re about in Brest, the land of French/Argentine football player, Gonzalo Higuain, then check it out!

If you’re interested, you can go and see how I went about making Vovô here on it’s very own production blog

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One Response to Beta Print of ‘Vovô’ Arrives…

  1. Maria Alice Stockler says:

    Querido, vi teu trabalho, muito emocionada fiquei, adorei. Achei lindo. Vovô ficaria muito orgulhoso com tudo que vc falou dele.
    Nenhum neto fez uma coisa tão linda. Te agradeço muito. Te amo. Vovó Maria Alice.

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