Brest, Bradford and Other News

I just got back home two days ago after a really busy two weeks spent living out of a suitcase, travelling for miles across borders and countries, missing flights, paid eurostar journeys and sleeping on friends floors, couches and beds….oh and lots of free booze, we mustn’t forget that. its been great….bar the missing flights part.

Firstly – Brest was a lot of fun, being primarily a live action film festival, there were few animators, but lots of actors, producers, directors, cinematographers, distributors etc…so it was a pretty cool experience. Here’s a clipping featuring a grim photo of me from ‘Le Telegramme’, a local newspaper in Brest. The article is in French, but talks about the characteristics of UK filmmaking and the current situation in the UK with regards to funding etc.. (if you want to read it, right click and select ‘view image’). You can also read an interview I did for the paper here.

after Brest, I went straight to Bradford to attend the BAF awards ceremony, which was hosted by Barry Purves. Vovô was nominated in the ‘Short Shorts Category’ but lost out to this great little film – PIXELS…Another fun evening. Pretty sure I stuffed my face with potato wedges and crispy chicken. I should mention that my friend, Ben Cady’s film The Goat and the Well was also at BAF in the Student competition, it’s been in a few festivals so far so take a look at it if you can, it’s great.

I headed back to London and slept on Ben’s floor for a few days to figure out my next plan of action….whilst I was doing this, I drew this picture of my friend Non….

His top half is real….the bottom half I used my imagination, probably quite accurate, wouldn’t you say so?

I went to Cardiff where I shot some footage of Newport based band Drafts for a music video I’m currently directing. I stayed for a few days and attended the closing party of Encounters festival in Bristol, thanks to Ben for getting me a network pass.

I’m off again in two weeks, this time to Ljubljana, Slovenia to attend Animateka. Really looking forward to it, should hopefully see some friends there.

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