Upcoming Screenings

Vovô will be making it’s North American premiere tomorrow (04/02/2011) at the Savannah International Animation Festival in…Savannah, Georgia. Last years overall winner was another Newport Graduate, Rhiannon Evans with her film Heartstrings.

Also next week, Vovô will be in competition at Ffresh, the Student Moving Image Festival of Wales in Cardiff. I’m quite excited about this (as mentioned in a previous post) as its up for two nominations – Ffresh Animation and Best UK Graduate Fiction. Twenty three films from Newport have been nominated at Ffresh this year, three of which are in the Animation category which is pretty good. If you’re about in Cardiff you should definitely try and attend some of the screenings and talks, there’s all kinds of stuff going on! The festival is happening from the 9th until the 11th and you can find out more stuff on ‘ere – Ffresh

One more thing….If you’re into experimental/avant-garde/colourful/crazy/fun animation then you should take a look at my friend Peter Millard’s work, we graduated from Newport together and he’s currently doing an MA in Animation at the Royal College of Art. He makes fun work! His second year film Bluuuurgh was featured on the latest Spike & Mike’s Sick and Twisted DVD. click on the picture to check out a load of his work.

This still is from his graduation film – Custard

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