Vovô Nominated for a RTS Student Award

In other news, my film has been nominated for a Royal Television Society Student award. I totally did not expect this and I’m pretty chuffed, also nominated in the Animation category is my good friend Ben Cady, (also at the RCA with Peter Millard) with his brilliant film The Goat and the Well. I would post a website or a vimeo of some sort but he refuses to buy into all this internet stuff…he does have Youtube though. The award will be given out next week at Ffresh! here’s a horrendous drawing I did

I should mention also that Vovô has been selected for Ankara Film Festival in Turkey in March and also it will be at Brain Wash again in London on the 27th of February at Debut Club as part of their fan favourites/films from the vault in the Underground Cinema programme curated by some folks at Film4. It’s free entry but you need to book tickets here. cool.

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