Vovô Receives Special Commendation at Animated Exeter

I’ve just got back from a weekend attending Animated Exeter. As mentioned in the title of the post, Vovô won a Special Commendation in the ‘Best of the West’ category and my friend Ben Cady got first place! Hooray! Also, Newport MA graduate Hyoung-Min Choi got third place with his film The Mask. Triple Whammy for Newport. Joanna Quinn was on the jury, so that made it a bit more special. It was a fairly fun weekend spent sharing a room with two of my best friends….that sounds quite gay, and it was. Exeter is really nice, but there seems to be an alarming amount of tramps, two of which were hanging around at Exeter Cathedral during the opening night of the projection show. They were trying to flog Big Issues for extortionate amounts and were clearly off their faces on alcohol and quite possibly other ‘gear’. They looked like this –

The little one was fairly harmless. The tall one was a bit of an idiot, intimidating people.

Whilst in Exeter, we also went to see The Kings Speech, but we had to kill some time first, so we made this arty-farty nonsense

[vimeo http://www.vimeo.com/20221849]

Also, I did an interview last month for Trisickle Magazine which can now be read right HERE on their blog. I talk mainly about my film, so if that interests you then have a read.

That’s it for festivals until next month. Time to knuckle down now.

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One Response to Vovô Receives Special Commendation at Animated Exeter

  1. ‘Pedro Ricardo-Millardo’ – cracked me up. I could see how hard you guys were trying not to laugh. Brilliant!

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