May News

Lots going on, but I’ll try my best not to waffle and keep it short.

I got back from Filmfest Dresden last week – the festival was great and Vovô was really well received, probably the best reception its had at any festival so far…and the screenings were jam packed with the German public who were really enthusiastic and asked lots of questions! I was blown away by all the brilliant live action shorts in the competition. Ben came along too and we ate some cheese called ‘Ja!’. Here is a picture of Ben and the cheese –

I can also announce that Vovô has been selected for CurtoCircuito and Animayo, both happening in Spain next month, I call this a ‘Double Whammy Español’ – Here is a drawing of a matador to commemorate –

As well as this, it will be screened in a special animation screening in Kan Film Festival in Wroclaw (pronounced – Vrotslav), Poland where my uncle used to live (he once flew my gran over to get cheap treatment done on her teeth). Right now it is being screened at Anifest in the Czech Republic…I really wish I could have gone but I’m going to Stuttgart next tuesday instead, which should be top draaaaw.

Also, National RTS awards is happening this month on the 20th May

and last but not least

I got in!

Was that brief?

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