Vovô Online

Vovô is now online

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6 Responses to Vovô Online

  1. roberta. says:


  2. Elif says:

    I saw vovô on vimeo today. i think, i watched it four times, probably gonna watch it a few more times, haha. it’s so beautiful <3
    keep it up. best wishes from germany.

    • hey Elif! Grüße!
      I am really happy to know that you liked my film, thank you so much for taking the time to watch it (quite a few times :D)!
      give my love to germany! i love your country.

  3. elif88 says:

    glad you liked it over here:)
    let me know if you start recording audio books one day. definitely got the voice for it.
    (hope this didn’t sound weird! :D)

  4. Elano says:

    Acabei de ver Vovô no Motionographer e agora estou com os olhos vermelhos aqui no trabalho, rs. Muito, muito bom! Parabéns e boa sorte!

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