Vovô Update

Since it’s online premiere on Vimeo just over a week ago, Vovô has racked up around a total of 26,500 views!

It has made it onto Vimeo Staff Picks ChannelMotionographerYayEverydayThe Curious Brain and Short of the Week, but to name a few, as well as featuring (randomly) on Andrew Sullivan’s (generally political) Blog – The Daily Dish! I thank these great folk and everyone and anyone else that has featured/shared/liked/enjoyed the film.

Here’s a quick video of Andrew Sullivan messing about with Black Eyed Peas bloke Will.I.Am ranting about Sarah Palin and stuff –

I have also done some interviews for Skwigly Magazine (HERE) and EDTE (an educational blog – HERE). These are also available in the new PRESS section of this blog.

Here is an artists (HA!) impression of me attempting a handstand when it reached 6,000 views in it’s first day.

I am ecstatic and overwhelmed by the reception it has received. I’ve had emails, Tweets, Facebook messages, Vimeo comments from people telling me how the film reminded them of similar experiences and how it made them feel. People from all around the world. Before releasing it online the only people that had seen it were film festival audiences, which in some ways are a certain type of person, so I’m really stoked that so many people connected with it, especially outside of the animation/filmmaking loop. It restores my faith that animation can be taken as a serious form of filmmaking and be enjoyed by anyone, not just a specific type of audience, although I think I’m still yet to convince my mum that I don’t make ‘Cartoons’ :D

Hopefully I can keep making films that are just as accessible as Vovô.

so thank you, you’ve all made my week!/Obrigado a todos, vocês me fizeram feliz da vida!

L x

here’s a stupid drawing I did, please accept it as a thank you…please

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2 Responses to Vovô Update

  1. Really chuffed for you Luiz you deserve all the attention its a great film!

  2. asrai7 says:

    Congratulations on your sucess! Great work :D

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