eh up! Even though it’s now July, this post will be mostly about June…..

Firstly – Ffresh have done a profile on me that you can read right HERE (I really need a new ‘Director image’. As someone pointed out, I look like a Bulgarian gangster in this one)

Secondly – A few weeks ago I went back to Newport Uni to attend the Animation Grad show and see all the work by this years graduates from the course. I was awarded with the new Animation Ambassador Award (the first one), which according to Jenny Hann, head of the design department at the University is for – ‘being prolific and spreading of good news about the quality of the animation grads from Newport around the world.’ Although it’s probably just a fancy name for ‘Course Bitch’ and they probably now have the rights to my soul.

They’re going to be giving one out every year which is nice, and it’s also nice to be the first recipient of it.

as well as this, I was asked to donate some illustrations to be given away as prizes at the graduation film awards. Here they are (some you may have seen before) –

Best Animation – ‘Sun and Moon’ Dir. Eva Wagner

Best Sound – ‘John and Betty’ Dir. Alex Hancocks and Luke George

Best Technical Achievement – ‘David’ Dir. Stephen Craner

Best Art Design – ‘Blocked’ Dir. Tharun Joseph

Best Story – ‘Bare’ Dir. Helen Dallat

Best Film – ‘The Man who was Afraid of Falling’ Dir. Joseph Wallace and Emma-Rose Dade

You can read more about the films and filmmakers at the Animation Newport 2011 Blog

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