August News

Eh up! (thats Northern for ‘hello’)

Just a quick post with some news updates from this month, I’ll keep it brief.

Firstly – Vovô is now under contract with Future Shorts, after I signed a distribution deal with them. It’ll soon be uploaded onto their YouTube Channel and hopefully broadcast on some tv’s and airlines around the world. Imagine that..

Secondly – It has been selected to be part of Leipzig Festival for Documentary and Animated Film in Germany this October, where it’ll feature in the Animadoc category. Third trip to Germany this year, you guys are awesome!

and Thirdly – Ages ago, those nice guys at Ffresh submitted my film to the BBC Big Screens which is happening all around the country. I hadn’t heard anything for a while and totally forgot about it until I got an email today from a friend who said he’d seen it in Cardiff city centre….so yeah, Vovô is being screened in Swansea and Cardiff City centres RIGHT NOW! but I’m not sure how long for. If you happen to see it, then please take a picture for me and I will buy you a drink as a thank you!

oh, and one more thing. Here’s a pic of me back in June at the Newport graduation awards with the winners holding them award thinga-majigs that I designed and our former tutor Caroline (we’re the empty handed ones in the middle)! You can see the awards here

Very last thing – I caught my dogs at it today…true love!

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One Response to August News

  1. roberta. says:

    parabéns por tudo, tuta! se eu estiver aqui m berlim durante o festival, vou com certeza. é super perto! sabe que dia é?

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