Tape Boy

Things are beginning to get hectic now, not long until I move to London at start my MA at the RCA. It’s all quite exciting!

Anyway, here’s a one page comic I drew

also, some little bits of news – Vovô is going to be making it’s Scandinavian premiere in November at the Helsinki Short Film Festival in Finland in a ‘Selected Shorts’ programme featuring films from Clermont-Ferrand, Toronto International Film Festival, Filmfest Dresden etc… It’ll also be screening at Rabbit Fest in Perugia, Italy next month in a ‘Best of Europe’ programme. Lastly it’ll be screened in the streets of Belo Horizonte in Brazil as part of an event called ‘Curta na Praça’ (Shorts on the Street) along with some bands and other films, the date for that one is TBC.

peace x

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