Merry Christmas…It’s Been a While

Seasons Greetings, I haven’t posted on here for two months…wow, that’s the longest I’ve gone without posting in over two years…Anyway, I’ve been busy with my MA and now I’m back in Wales for Christmas. Here’s some new work I’ve made during my first term

I made this film as part of a rhythmanalysis project. It’s the first proper abstract film I’ve made and I really enjoyed it. There’s something relaxing about not planning stuff and doing it all straight ahead without worrying about the next scene/movement etc…I also got to use lots of colour which is something I’ve never been comfortable with but since starting the MA I’m getting more into it.

I’m currently working on development of my first year film but I’ll try and post more often in the new year (or maybe before)

Merry Crimbo / Feliz Natal x

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