Happy new year!

I’ve been spending the last couple of days working on ideas for my first year film – I’d forgotten how hard it can be sometimes to find an idea that I really like – obviously it’s part of the process and through all the notes and scribbles and swearing and frustration you eventually get there.

So to help loosen me up, I had a little play in After Effects and Photoshop and made this little thing, which was really fun to do –

It’s really, really loosely based on a Welsh story about Caradog ap Bran who was the king of Britain. I saw a play about him when I was in primary school called ‘Caradog the Celt’ and he was ginger and it was all in Welsh, being back home in Wales over Christmas reminded me of that.

I’ve also gotten into doing warm up drawings in the mornings (I can’t believe I’d never done this before) I find it a good way to clear your head of all the clutter and make room for ideas to grow. It’s also a good way to just get something down without being precious about it or feel intimidated by blank pages. Here’s one from today –

I’ve started using colour a lot more and I’m becoming more comfortable with it. Hooray! I’m actually starting to find it weird when I just do line drawings in black. It’s quite fun to just draw a few blobs of colour and then fill in the rest with different shades….

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