Work in Progress Show

At the beginning of the month, Animation and some other departments at the RCA had a Work in Progress show that ran for a week. As well as animation, there was all kinds of other stuff on display from stop motion models to handmade books. I set up this life drawing installation in which I invited my classmates to animate their own life drawing model on a boil, which I then put in a sequence and projected them onto a wall. I set up an easel and some pencil and paper, inviting the visitors to come and draw the model and then display the result on a wall….my attempt at conceptual art….I did it as a sort of homage to the life drawing classes which quite a few of us attended quite regularly in the first term. Anyway, it seemed to take off and loads of people hung up their drawings, not just of the models but of their friends and from their imagination…I’ve now got a stack of strangers drawings, I might scan them in and put them up. Below are some pictures of the installation taken by my friend Josh Armitage and RCA photographer Dominic Tschudin

(Above: You can see how the drawings got carried away and ended up on the projector space – pretty cool! The big drawings on the right and above the screen are a selection of our own life drawings done in the classes)

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